Single Malt Club

Perfect for the scotch enthusiast in us all. This Club offers premium single malt scotches that are sure to impress the most sophisticated connoisseur.

Travel through the regions of Scotland, barrel by barrel, and expand your palate and horizons. We will send one bottle of a prestigious single malt scotch per month – some familiar and some unexpected. This experience also works great as a gift to encourage the Johnnie Walker or Glenlivet fan to embrace something new.

The Team has worked hard to curate a list of "must have" whiskeys, focusing in on the sophistication of Scotch.

Each month, you can expect a new 750ml bottle of scotch at your door that you will not soon forget.

Part of what makes our clubs great is the surprise of getting a great bottle you’re not familiar with. Because of this, we do pre-announce what the upcoming month’s bottle will be.

Every single-malt we sell is at the guaranteed best price in the market.

Our average savings is estimated at 20% - 30% over avg. market prices.

Get on the list and start saving today!